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Never run out of battery again.

PowerToYou collates the battery levels of all your devices and notifies you if any of your devices is low on battery.

- No ads
- No in app purchases
- Menu Bar App on macOS
- App and Complication on watchOS
- App and Widget on iOS, iPadOS, and Android
- Notifications when your battery is low or your device has finished charging

Universal Purchase - buy it once, and it’s available on all your Apple devices.

  *Android support requires a separate purchase. It is a separate app with completely different code and simply works together with PowerToYou for Apple platforms. 

Frequently Asked Questions - iOS

Ensure Background App Refresh is enabled, Low Power Mode is disabled, and you have the Widget installed. iOS does not allow apps to refresh as often as it does widgets, so adding the widget greatly improves refresh times. On Apple Watch, ensure PowerToYou is one of the last 5 most recently opened in the dock (you can view this by pressing the long button on the side of your Watch). It is also recommended to add the complication to improve refresh times.
Sometimes, the widget will stop showing content. This is an iOS system issue that affects all apps. Opening the app and swiping down on the table to refresh it will fix the widget by refreshing its data. If this does not work, try rebooting your device.
Devices may appear multiple times if you reinstall the app. To remove an old device, open PowerToYou on iOS and swipe left on the device to delete it.

Frequently Asked Questions - Android

Turn off background power management for PowerToYou in Android settings. PowerToYou cannot sync in the background when the device is critically low on battery, has a high CPU load, or is under deep sleep.

Contact Support

You can contact us by email or on the PowerToYou Discord server. We will respond as soon as we can!


PowerToYou makes use of some open source libraries to bring you an ideal experience.

These libraries are available under the MIT License.

PowerToYou for iOS, watchOS, macOS, and this website, are developed by Karandeep Singh.

PowerToYou for Android is developed by Vincent Kwok.